People Board

The People Board has been established to provide the ICB with assurance that it is delivering its functions and undertaking its responsibilities to deliver the workforce-related activities that are carried out by the ICB as an employer itself and to work collaboratively with other partners across the Integrated Care System.

People Board members

  • Chair / non-executive member - Prof Jane O'Brien
  • Acting chief people officer - Lee Radford
  • Chief nursing officer - Prof Sarah O'Brien
  • Chief medical director - Dr David Levy
  • Provider collaborative workforce / people director - Kate Quinn
  • Provider collaborative CEO lead - Trish Armstrong-Child
  • Local authority workforce / people directors - Cath Whalley + vacant
  • Primary care workforce lead - Dr Peter Gregory
  • Chair of the Public Involvement and Engagement Advisory Committee - Debbie Corcoran
  • Director of workforce delivery - Vacant
  • People director - Vacant
  • Director of culture and inclusion - Aisha Chaudhary
  • Director of place and programmes - Andrea Anderson
  • Director of organisational development and education - TBC
  • Voluntary sector workforce leads - Joe Hannett and Angela Allen OR Tracy Hopkins
  • Place leader/director - Claire Richardson and Jane Scattergood
  • Provider non-executive director representating disability inclusion - Kate Smyth

People Board attendees

  • Health Education England representative - Chris Cutts

  • Higher Education Institute representative - TBC

  • Chair, LSC Collaborative Education Forum - Julia Owen

  • EDI representative - Naveed Sharif

  • North West Leadership Academy - Lorna Krisson

  • Ambulance Service - Lisa Ward

  • Staff side representative - Bernie Miller and Becky Lumberg

People Board Terms of Reference

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