Lung Health Checks 


The NHS Lung Health Checks programme is currently being delivered across Lancashire and South Cumbria in phases. They are currently taking place in East Lancashire. 

Your lungs work hard for you every minute of your life. As you get older it's worth getting them checked out. 

People who are between 55 and 74 and have ever smoked will be offered an NHS Lung Health Check. This is an ‘MOT for your lungs’ to see if they are in good working order.

Lung cancer is frequently diagnosed at a later stage than other cancers because often there are no signs or symptoms at an early stage. The Targeted Lung Health Check Programme is a new pilot scheme designed to identify signs of cancer at an early stage when it is much more treatable - ultimately saving move lives.

The programme is being offered to people between the ages of 55 and 74 who are current or former smokers and at greater risk of lung cancer. Those eligible will be sent a letter to invite them for a Lung Health Check.

The Lung Heath Check finds out how well a participant’s lungs are working and hopes to identify problems early. Most of the time no issue is found, but if cancer or an issue with a participant’s breathing or lungs is found early, treatment could be simpler and more successful.

What happens during the check? There are two main stages to a Targeted Lung Health Check. The first is an initial assessment with a health professional and the second, if necessary, is a simple scan of the lungs. Click on the 'about' page below for further information.

New TLHC booklet

Easy read booklet

Who's on the team?

Dr. Neil Smith, local GP


John Howells.jpeg

John Howells, Consultant Radiologist at Royal Preston Hospital
Clinical Director of the Targeted Lung Health Project

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