During pregnancy

Your midwife will provide you with the personalised information that you will need during your pregnancy about your health and your baby.

These pages provide information applicable to most people but if you are unsure please ask your midwife.


Immunisations protect your baby from infectious diseases like whooping cough and flu. More information about immunisations is available on the NHS website (opens in new window)

It is important that you and your family still have routine vaccinations. They protect against serious and potentially deadly illnesses. Contact your GP practice for more information. More information about vaccinations is also available on the NHS website (opens in new window). 

Healthy start vitamins 

During your pregnancy it is advised you should take 10 micrograms of vitamin D3 every day. If you need assistance on how to access vitamins you can find out more information here (opens in new window). 

Mum and baby app

From the start of pregnancy to early parenthood, this app will support local families with:

  • Making choices throughout their pregnancy
  • Providing access to essential, clinically-validated information every step of the way: from planning a pregnancy and being pregnant, to giving birth and looking after a new baby
  • Examples of personalised plans for their care during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The app offers an easy-to-navigate screen, links and videos of a range of useful topics; information about emotional and physical wellbeing, mental health concerns, advice for partners, preparing for labour, hospital stays, post-delivery care, baby care basics, mum and baby checks, recovering from different types of delivery and medical conditions, and advice for when you take your new baby home.

Download the app from is iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. 

We can help you stop smoking

The government has classed pregnant women as a group at risk of severe illness with COVID-19. People who smoke have an increased risk of more severe respiratory infections.  It has therefore never been more important for a pregnant woman to look after her respiratory health, and it is vitally important that smokers seek support to quit.

If you stop smoking now it will make a big difference to your health and the health of your developing baby. The earlier you give up smoking in pregnancy, the better.

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