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This page contains information aimed at professionals working with families. 

Infant Feeding during COVID-19

The Lancashire and South Cumbria Infant Feeding Network has brought together key information on breastfeeding and formula feeding during this time of coronavirus. The aim is to provide consistent clear messages at a time of uncertainty for families.

Information for those feeding infants during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found using the links below.


ICON is a programme providing information for those who care for babies about how to cope with crying. ICON’s key messages are:

ICON is officially part of the NHS England COVID19 national effort. Someone’s ability to cope with stress depends on how controllable they consider the stressor to be. COVID-19 lockdown and tier measures are already causing major stressors for families which they cannot control, such as restrictions on activities which may lesson stress (eg physical activity, celebrations, socialising), restrictions on activities which can enhance support (eg support groups, classes and wellbaby clinics), self-isolation and loss of income. It is more critical than ever that you share the ICON coping techniques with families in your care.

For an example of how practitioners might have these conversations with families, please watch this video (opens in a new window).

If you have not yet accessed training about ICON, please speak to a member of your midwifery safeguarding team / enhanced midwifery care team who will signpost you to available face to face, virtual or e-Learning platform training.



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