What we do

We work together with primary care and community teams, hospital teams, local authorities, third sector and charitable organisations to improve cancer outcomes by enabling earlier and faster diagnosis, and to deliver the best possible experience of care.

We work closely with cancer services and people affected by cancer to achieve:

Better cancer services - by providing access to expertise and learning; leading change in care pathways, and in piloting new scientific innovations.

Better cancer care - by sharing and building on good patient experience practice.

Better cancer outcomes - by improving early detection, early diagnosis, enabling early access to cancer services and pathways, and ensuring cancer patients have access to the support they need to live long fulfilling lives beyond cancer.

​​​​​​Our programmes of work

Our work focuses on the following main areas:


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Recovery and operational
AHB_12359_Cancer Alliance Infographics_2.png
Earlier and
faster diagnosis 
AHB_12359_Cancer Alliance Infographics_3.png
Personalised care
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Screening and prevention
AHB_12359_Cancer Alliance Infographics_8.png
Patient experience
and health inequalities


We have a proud record of driving improvement in cancer services, cancer care and better cancer outcomes.

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