AHB_12359_Cancer Alliance Infographics_3.pngWhat is personalised care?

The delivery of "personalised care" is a key part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

It is envisaged that adopting this approach to care could benefit up to 2.5 million people with long term conditions, including cancer.

Personalised care describes the relationship between people, professionals and the system in which care is delivered.

By identifying what matters to individuals and building these preferences into care delivery, we can have a significant impact on patient experience and quality of life.

In cancer, this concept starts from when a diagnosis is received, right through to long-term follow up and in some cases, end of life care.

Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Alliance is supporting a number of projects in order to enable the delivery of personalised care for patients across organisational boundaries.

These include:

Delivery of the "recovery package" interventions

Personalised Stratified Follow Up (PSFU)

Investing in our cancer workforce

We are working with Macmillan Cancer Support to deliver personalised care in Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Each of our four acute trusts has a Macmillan project manager in place.


For further information, please contact faye.bennett@lthtr.nhs.net


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