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Targeted lung health checks and your patient

Who qualifies for a targeted lung health check (TLHC)?

Everyone between 55 and 74 years who has ever smoked.

Eligible participants will be identified from an EMIS search which will be run on behalf of GPs - participants will receive their invitation directly from the TLHC team.

To minimise the impact of this programme on primary care, all bookings and referrals are carried out by the TLHC team; the only requirement of GPs is that they sign a DPA agreement allowing the team access to patient data. 

People are invited to attend a telephone lung health assessment, and if they are identified as being at high risk of developing lung cancer, they are referred for a low-dose CT scan.

The advantages of a low-dose CT scan include:

  • More detailed imaging
  • Less radiation than a conventional CT scan
  • Takes less than 10 minutes
  • More accurate diagnoses

Participants who have an unremarkable result from their baseline LDCT will be invited for a follow up scan at 24 months; those who show evidence of cellular change will be rescanned at 3 and / or 12 months accordingly. All suspicious lung cancers will be directly referred into secondary care.

More information: NHS England » Targeted screening for lung cancer with low radiation dose computed tomography


"My experience as a senior palliative and end of life nurse has emphasised the devastating effects of advanced lung cancer."
"I am passionate about the targeted lung health check service and thrilled to be directly involved in improving patient outcomes."

Lead nurse for the targeted lung health check service

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