Women’s health event highlights services and support available in Lancashire

Date posted: 16th April 2024 Women’s health event highlights services and support available in Lancashire thumbnail image

A free health and wellbeing event in Lancashire this month aims to inform, connect and empower women. 

Taking place at Preston Technology Park on Saturday 27 April, the day will focus on all aspects of women’s health and include talks from health and wellbeing professionals, active workshops and mini treatments.

The event created and hosted by EmpowerHer Lancashire is supported by Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB), and brings together representatives from medical, health and mental wellbeing, voluntary sector organisations, nutrition and dietetics, alternative therapies, fitness and self-protection.

Dr Ewa Craven, the ICB’s clinical women's health lead, said: “There is a huge demand for information in relation to women’s health issues and the risk that if it’s not provided by accredited services is that misinformation, misconceptions and fear can happen as a result, which will have a negative impact on women’s health.

“There are also aspects of women’s health still considered a taboo and the event will help with myth busting and making sure no one leaves feeling alone and not understood.

“There are a lot of services out there and a lot of women in need, but they don’t reach out to them as they don’t know they exist. At the event, many voluntary and NHS services will be present to explain about their scope and encourage women to reach out.”

EmpowerHer Lancashire is a community interest company dedicated to supporting and elevating women's health and wellbeing across all aspects of life. They host three free events per year in and around the Preston area.

Respected medical and holistic professionals and services exhibiting at this latest event will be available to talk to, covering topics such as menopause, nutrition, sexual health, cancer support, Endometriosis, mental wellbeing and fitness, and there will be opportunities to try out free classes.

Dr Craven added: “During the course of the female life there are many hormonal upheavals and, as women, the more we know about them, the more we can prepare for them so they don’t cause disruption and irreversible damage.

“Understanding the fine balance between nutrition, physical activity and health is absolutely paramount and the event will hopefully provide a lot of helpful information.

“We believe that through creating an opportunity for the public to meet a group of professionals linked by knowledge and passion in the field, the barriers will be broken and the population will be enriched with information, which can lead them to make more positive choices for themselves and their families, helping to understand not only when to seek advice, but also how to self-manage effectively and safely.”

The free event on 27 April runs from 9.30am to 4pm, with food and drink available on site all day.

To register, please visit Eventbrite at tinyurl.com/womenshealtheventpreston

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