Specialised services

What are specialised services?

Specialised services support people with a range of rare and complex conditions. They often involve treatments provided to patients with rare cancers, genetic disorders or complex medical or surgical conditions. They deliver cutting-edge care and are a catalyst for innovation, supporting pioneering clinical practice in the NHS. For a quick overview of specialised services watch NHS England’s animation.

Specialised services are not available in every local hospital because they have to be delivered by specialist teams of doctors, nurses and other health professionals who have the necessary skills and experience. 

Unlike most healthcare, which is planned and arranged locally, some specialised services are planned nationally and regionally by NHS England

From 1 April 2024, 59 specialised services were delegated to Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB, and the remaining 118 are still directly commissioned by NHS England. 

The list of services can be found below.

  • Adult congenital heart disease services
  • Adult critical care
  • Adult specialist cardiac services
  • Adult specialist endocrinology services
  • Adult specialist neurosciences services
  • Adult specialist ophthalmology services
  • Adult specialist orthopaedic services
  • Adult specialist pain management services
  • Adult specialist renal services
  • Adult specialist respiratory services
  • Adult specialist rheumatology services
  • Adult specialist services for people living with HIV
  • Adult specialist vascular services
  • Adult thoracic surgery services
  • Bone conduction hearing implant services (adults and children)
  • Cleft lip and palate services (adults and children)
  • Cochlear implantation services (adults and children)
  • Complex spinal surgery services (adults and children)
  • Fetal medicine services (adults and adolescents)
  • Major trauma services (adults and children)
  • Neonatal critical care services
  • Neuropsychiatry services (adults and children)
  • Paediatric cardiac services
  • Paediatric critical care services
  • Radiotherapy services (adults and children)
  • Specialist adult gynaecological surgery and urinary surgery services for females
  • Specialist adult urological surgery services for men
  • Specialist allergy services (adults and children)
  • Specialist cancer services (adults) 
  • Specialist cancer services for children and young adults
  • Specialist colorectal surgery services (adults)
  • Specialist dentistry services for children
  • Specialist dermatology services (adults and children)
  • Specialist ear, nose and throat services for children
  • Specialist endocrinology services for children
  • Specialist gastroenterology, hepatology and nutritional support services for children
  • Specialist gynaecology services for children
  • Specialist haematology services for children
  • Specialist maternity care for adults diagnosed with abnormally invasive placenta
  • Specialist metabolic disorder services (adults and children)
  • Specialist morbid obesity services for children
  • Specialist neuroscience services for children
  • Specialist ophthalmology services for children
  • Specialist orthopaedic services for children
  • Specialist paediatric surgery services
  • Specialist paediatric urology services
  • Specialist pain management services for children
  • Specialist palliative care services for children and young adults
  • Specialist plastic surgery services for children
  • Specialist rehabilitation services for patients with highly complex needs (adults and children)
  • Specialist renal services for children
  • Specialist respiratory services for children
  • Specialist rheumatology services for children
  • Specialist services for adults with infectious diseases
  • Specialist services for children with infectious diseases
  • Specialist services for complex liver, biliary and pancreatic diseases in adults
  • Specialist services for haemophilia and other related bleeding disorders (adults and children)
  • Specialist services to support patients with complex physical disabilities (excluding wheelchair services) (adults and children)
  • Termination services for patients with medical complexity and or significant co-morbidities requiring treatment in a specialist hospital

Contact us

For any general enquiries about any of the specialised services listed above, please email lsc.icb@nhs.net (please do not send urgent correspondence to this address).

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