15 May 2024 Board Meeting

The Board meeting is taking place on 15 May 2024 in Lune Meeting Room 1, ICB Offices, Level 3 Christ Church Precinct, County Hall, Preston, PR1 8XB

The meeting will take place from 1pm to 3pm.

Members of the public are invited to observe the formal meeting however please do let us know you will be attending by completing our contact us form (opens in a new window) or emailing healthierlsc.meetingquestions@nhs.net by 9pm on the Sunday before the meeting.

This meeting will be live-streamed on YouTube and the link to watch is available below.

Submitting questions in advance

If you have any questions to put to the Board relating to items on the agenda, we ask for these to be submitted in advance of the meeting by completing our contact us form (opens in a new window) or emailing healthierlsc.meetingquestions@nhs.net by 9pm on Sunday before the meeting.  Where relevant, questions will be addressed in the meeting and a written response will be sent directly to the individual who raised the question within 20 working days.

Live stream

Meeting papers

Agenda - Part 1 - ICB Board - 15 May 2024.pdf NHS LANCASHIRE AND SOUTH CUMBRIA ICB BOARD REGISTER OF INTERESTS MAY 2024.pdf Item 4a-DRAFT Minutes - Part 1 LSC ICB Board Meeting - 13 March 2024.pdf Item 4b-DRAFT Minutes - Extraordinary Part 1 LSC ICB Board Meeting - 10 April 2024.pdf Item 4c-Part 1 Board Action Log-May 2024.pdf Item 5-CEO board report_May 2024 - FINAL.pdf Item 7i-Committee Escalation Report - 15 May 2024.pdf Item 7ii-App A-ICB Audit Committee Minutes-25 January 2024.pdf Item 7iii-App B-ICB Quality Commitee Minutes-21 February 2024.pdf Item 7iv-App C-ICB Quality Committee Minutes-20 March 2024.pdf Item 7v-App D-ICB FP Committee Minutes-29 January 2024.pdf Item 7vi-App E-FP Committee Minutes-25 March 2024.pdf Item 7vii-App F-Part 1 ICB PCCC Minutes - 08.02.24.pdf Item 7viii-App G-Part 1 ICB PCCC Minutes - 14.03.24.pdf Item 7ix-App H-ICB People Board Minutes - 22 November 2023.pdf Item 8-Board Performance Report May 24 v3.pdf Item 9-ICB Finance Report M12 v1.1.pdf Item 10-Recovery Transformation Programme v1.3.pdf Item 11i -LSC Workforce Strategy Paper - ICB Board May 2024.pdf Item 11ii-App 1-LSC Five-Year Workforce Strategy Final.pdf Item 12i -LSC Digital and Data Strategy 15.05.24 Board paper v1.pdf Item 12ii-ICB - Digital and Data Strategy - Final.pdf Item 13i-Board report research 0524ver1.pdf Item 13ii-App1-Research priorities plan on a page ver final.pdf Item 14-2024 05 01 NHP Q4 report- ICB Board_150524.pdf Item 15i -LSC ICB Policies for Approval Summary Report - May Board.pdf Item 15ii-App A LSC EPRR Policy 01052024 version 0.5.pdf Item 15iii-App B LSC ICB Business Continuity Policy v2 30042024.pdf Item 15iv-App C LSCICB_Corp01_LSC_ICB_Complaints Policy V2 final draft.pdf Item 15v-App D LSCICB_Fin02_Section 106 Monies Community Infrastructure Levy Funding Policy+Procedure.pdf Item 15vi-App E LSCICB_Corp02_Standards of Business Conduct Policy Final Draft.pdf

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