12 October 2023 Primary Care Commissioning

The primary care commissioning committee meeting is taking place at 10am on 12 October 2023, Lune Meeting Room 1, ICB Offices, 3rd Floor, Christchurch Precinct, County Hall, Preston PR1 8XB.

Members of the public are invited to observe the formal meeting however please do let us know you will be attending by completing our contact us form (opens in a new window). Please note this meeting is not live streamed.

Submitting questions in advance

If you have any questions to put to the committee relating to items on the agenda, we ask for these to be submitted in advance of the meeting by completing our contact us form. Where relevant, questions will be addressed in the meeting and a written response will be sent directly to the individual who raised the question within 20 working days.

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee took place on 12 October 2023 at 10am. The meeting was quorate.

The full minutes with details of the discussion within the meeting will be included with the papers for the next meeting for approval at the next committee on Thursday 14 December 2023

The following key decisions were made in the committee:

Item 4: Minutes of the Meeting Held on 14 October 2023

Decision: The minutes were agreed as an accurate record from the previous meeting with a minor amendment.

Item 5: Terms of Reference

Decision: The amendments to the Terms of Reference were supported and will be submitted to the Board in November for approval via the committee ‘Advise, Assure, Alert’ report submitted to this meeting.

Item 6: Delegated Services Assurance Framework

The committee received a report sought to provide assurance on compliance with the NHS England expectations from the ICB in relation to the commissioning of delegated primary care services. The paper contains the completed section of the assurance framework for Dental, Pharmaceutical, Optometric and Medical services for Quarter ending September 2023. Feedback was provided by the committee on the Red, Amber, Green ratings of the report to further strengthen the approach and framework. .

Decision: The committee noted the local delegated services assurance framework and reporting process. The ratings in the report were to be reviewed in response the detailed feedback to be provided and agreed with the chair following the meeting.

Item 7a: Withnell Health Centre engagement and involvement approach

Decision: The ICB Primary Care Commissioning Committee noted the approach to engagement to support a procurement process for Withnell Health Centre and the ongoing work to inform and engage local people in Withnell. The committee noted that a further report is expected in December 2023 which will include a detailed evaluation of the engagement.

Item 7b: Haverthwaite Practice Premises Relocation Application

Decision: The Primary Care Commissioning Committee approved the application from Haverthwaite Surgery to relocate the practice to ensure that they meet their contractual requirements of having suitable premises.

Item 7c: Primary Care Procurement Evaluation Strategy (PES)

A Procurement Evaluation Strategy (PES) is developed following a decision to procure a service. The development and agreement of a PES is a critical part of the wider procurement process. The ICB has reviewed the current PES inherited from predecessor organisations and applied learning from recent procurement exercises. The PES review and development has been independently led by NHS Shared Business Services (SBS). The review and development has been significantly informed by patient feedback. At its meeting on 20 July 2023 the Committee approved the PES review recommendations and support from SBS to develop the PES.

Decision: The Primary Care Commissioning Committee approved the Procurement Evaluation Strategy and noted that further work will take place to develop a consistent approach to the composition of evaluation panels, including consideration of patient involvement.

Meeting papers

Lune Meeting Room 1,
ICB Offices,
3rd Floor,
Christchurch Precinct,
County Hall,
Preston PR1 8XB.

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