14 March 2024 Primary Care Commissioning

The primary care commissioning committee meeting is taking place on 14 March 2024, 10.00am in Lune Meeting Room 1,
ICB Offices, Level 3 Christchurch Precinct, County Hall, Preston PR1 8BH.

Members of the public are invited to observe the formal meeting however please do let us know you will be attending by completing our contact us form (opens in a new window). Please note this meeting is not live streamed.

Submitting questions in advance

If you have any questions to put to the committee relating to items on the agenda, we ask for these to be submitted in advance of the meeting by completing our contact us form. Where relevant, questions will be addressed in the meeting and a written response will be sent directly to the individual who raised the question within 20 working days.

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee took place on 14 March 2024 at 10am. The meeting was quorate.

The full minutes with details of the discussion within the meeting will be included with the papers for the next meeting for approval at the next committee on Thursday 18 April 2024

It was noted in the meeting that six questions from members of the public were received and an additional five questions were received for the ICB Board which were relevant for the Primary Care Commissioning Committee. All the points raised in the questions were responded to in the presentation of agenda items.

The following key decisions were made in the committee:

Item 4: Minutes of the Meeting Held on 8 February December 2024

Decision: The minutes were agreed as an accurate record from the previous meeting.

Item 6a: Withnell Health Centre – preferred procurement option

The committee were introduced to the report which described the current position relating to the procurement process for Withnell Health Centre including responding to questions which have been received from members of the public. Further legal advice has been sought which confirms the ICB assessment that Direct Award C is not available as a route. It has also provided some further clarity in regard to the Most Suitable Provider route and the comparative risks and benefits of which were outlined in the paper.

Decision: Based on full consideration of procurement routes and associated published guidance, the committee approved to undertake a competitive procedure under the Provider Selection Regime (PSR) in accordance with the timeline previously agreed. It was requested that the process is based on the new Procurement Evaluation Strategy which includes learning from the previous procurement process and allows for public involvement. 

A statement following the meeting has been published here: https://www.lancashireandsouthcumbria.icb.nhs.uk/news-and-media/latest-news/update-withnell-health-centre-14-march-2024

Item 6b: Dental Commissioning Plan

The committee were asked to approve the implementation of the dental commissioning plan for 2024/25 which aims to improve dental access and improve oral health for the population of Lancashire and South Cumbria. The plan is primarily based on the dental access and oral health improvement programme which was previously received and approved by the Committee at its meeting in September 2023 and subsequentially presented to the ICB Board at its meeting in November 2023.

The plan is affordable within the ICB ringfenced dental budget allocations and forms part of the wider ICB commissioning plan and associated intentions. Further the plan also aligns to and incorporates the recently published Dental Recovery and Reform plan.

Decision: The Committee agreed in principle the dental commissioning plan, pending ICB Board agreement of commissioning intentions on 10 April 2024.

Item 6c: Local Enhanced Services/General Practice Quality Contracts 2024/25 and Beyond

The committee were introduced to the paper which describes the proposed approach to ICB commissioned General Practice Local Enhanced Services (LES) and General Practice Quality Contract (GPQC) for 2024/25 and beyond. This included describing how this builds on a recent independent diagnostic of General Practice payments and key themes of questions received from the public and general practice providers?

It was described that the proposed changes to LES and GPQC commissioning arrangements for 2024/25 form an important part of the wider ICB commissioning plan and intentions. They are a step towards the ICB overarching vision for a shift to a more primary, community and social care centric model of provision. The proposed focus on frailty, respiratory and structured medication reviews would deliver improved population health outcomes and a return on investment.

Decision: The Committee agreed in principle the proposed approach to LES and GPQC commissioning for 2024/25 identified in the paper, pending ICB Board agreement of commissioning intentions on 10 April 2024. It was agreed that the Primary Medical Services Group (PMSG) oversees the detailed operational implementation arrangements, including:

a. Any changes to the review status of individual services, i.e. based on impact assessments and/or feedback that services currently identified to be ceased are either continued or continued and reviewed

b. Any changes to service specifications based on feedback

c. Reasonable transitional arrangements from 1 April 2024

The primary care commissioning committee agreed to receive an update at its next meeting.

Item 6d: Millom Primary Care Network Application

Waterloo House Practice has submitted an application to form a new Primary Care Network (PCN) from the 1 April 2024. The practice has provided assurances on how the new PCN will deliver the requirements of the Directed Enhanced Service (DES). 

Decision: The committee acknowledged the significant exceptionality and approved the application for the formation of the new Millom PCN. 

Item 6e: Special Allocation Scheme Contract

Following a direct award by the Primary Care Contracting Group in March 2023, the contract for the Special Allocation Scheme service remains with the current provider FCMS Ltd until 31st May 2024. To ensure continued access to General Medical Services for patients currently allocated to the Special Allocation Scheme, the Primary Care Commissioning Committee is required to decide the best option to secure ongoing service provision. The report recommended the approval of a contract variation in line with the Provider Selection Regime (PSR) 2023 to the current provider (FCMS) for a period of six months from 1st June 2024 until 30th November 2024. This will enable appropriate consideration to be given to the engagement exercise and for the Committee to receive a fully informed options appraisal.

Decision: The committee approved a contract variation in line with the Provider Selection Regime (PSR) 2023 to the current provider (FCMS) for a period of six months from 1st June 2024 until 30th November 2024.

Other committee items

The committee discussed and noted a Group Escalation and Assurance Report, a risk management report and a Primary Care Monitoring and Reporting Framework Update. Details of these will be included in the full minutes from the committee.

Meeting papers

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