Lancashire and South Cumbria strategy for working with people and communities

Foreword from Kevin Lavery, chief executive

The health and care system developments in Lancashire and South Cumbria provide an overwhelming sense of opportunity in Lancashire and South Cumbria, one which there is collective ambition to grasp. We will only be able to do this however by developing robust and trusted relationships which empower our citizens and communities and enable a change in culture and behaviours. We know that genuine engagement and involvement stems from good communications, openness and transparency. It is evidenced that engaged and involved residents make best use of services to support their health and wellbeing and this will help to drive down health inequalities and better outcomes for health and care services.


Our commitment to working as a partnership is a real one. Involving local people, reaching diverse communities and empowering change will only be possible by working closely with our partners in the voluntary, community faith and social enterprise sector, local authorities and Healthwatch who already work closely with those who are most vulnerable in society.

We have a once in a generation opportunity, with the establishment of NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board, to start on the front foot and ensure local people are at the centre of our decision making and to ensure that we put our population’s needs at the heart of all we do.

As with the developing partnerships in our system, this is the start of a journey and will evolve as our integrated care system develops and as we work increasingly closer with our communities over the coming months and years.

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