Finance and Performance Committee

The Finance and Performance Committee has been established to oversee the performance of LSC ICB in delivering its national targets and objectives, ensuring the effective and efficient use of resources, whilst delivering financial balance.

Committee members

  • Non-executive member and Chair - Roy Fisher
  • Non-executive member - Debbie Corcoran
  • Non-executive member - Jim Birrell
  • Chief nursing officer - Prof Sarah O'Brien
  • Chief finance officer - Sam Proffitt
  • Chief of transformation and recovery/Deputy chief executive - Maggie Oldham
  • Chief Digital Officer - Asim Patel
  • Chief Operating Officer - Professor Craig Harris
  • Director of Operational Finance - Katherine Disley
  • Director of Place and Programme Finance - Andrew Harrison
  • Director of Strategic Finance - Stephen Downs
  • Director of Performance - Roger Parr
  • Company Secretary - Debra Atkinson

Committee attendees

  • Chair of the ICB as ex-officio member - David Flory CBE
  • Chief operating officer - Craig Harris

Finance and Performance Committee Terms of Reference

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