Board members

The membership of the Board is defined by the ICB's constitution and in line with the NHS Act 2006 and NHS England policy. 

The Board consists of:

  • Non-executive members including a non-executive chair
  • Executive directors
  • Partner members (representing primary care, provider trusts, and local authorities)

The Board may invite specified individuals to be participants or observers at its meetings in order to inform its decision-making and the discharge of its functions as it sees fit.

The ICB constitution also states who is not allowed to be a member of the Board. One of the stated exclusions is anyone who could be seen as ‘undermining the independence of the health service because of the candidate’s involvement with the private healthcare sector or otherwise’. Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB will apply this test to all of its members.

Board members are collectively and corporately accountable for organisational performance, ensuring its functions are effectively and efficiently discharged and its financial obligations are met. The non-executive members and executive directors have been appointed, and our joint nomination process for the partner members is currently underway. 

There will also be a number of participants at Board meetings, in order to inform decision-making and the discharge of its functions. Participants do not hold accountability, do not have voting rights, but are invited at the discretion of the Chair in order to bring a broader perspective to the discussions and decision-making in the Board, particularly for items where they can bring a perspective relevant to their area of expertise. In Lancashire and South Cumbria, our Participants will include the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector and Healthwatch.  

All members of the Board have been through a robust appointment process.

Non-executive members

Executive members

Partner members

Regular participants

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