Community diagnostic centres

Community diagnostic centres (sometimes called CDCs) are being set up across Lancashire and South Cumbria to offer thousands more diagnostic tests and scans, helping to cut waiting lists and support earlier diagnosis. 

The centres offer a range of diagnostic tests in one, convenient location, helping to cut the time and expense to patients of attending lots of different appointments. 

The new centres add to the amount of diagnostic tests available making it quicker and easier for patients to access potentially life-saving tests for a wide range of conditions. 

Community diagnostic centres aim to:  

  • Improve the health of people in the local area, by giving people faster diagnosis and treatment of disease if they need it 

  • Increase the number of tests and scans available locally 

  • To make the best and most effective use of the NHS’s resources  

  • To reduce health inequalities – unwarranted differences in the care people receive  

  • To deliver a better, more personalised experience for patients  

  • Improve joined-up working between primary care (eg, GPs), hospitals and community care 

Community diagnostic centres in Lancashire and South Cumbria  

There are four community diagnostic centre hubs already up and running in Lancashire and South Cumbria. Hubs are larger sites which offer a nationally-agreed range of tests and scans in one place.  

Over time we will increase the number of tests offered at the four hubs. We will also introduce new ‘spoke’ sites – smaller centres that will offer even more diagnostic tests. 

The following spoke sites have already been confirmed and more information on each one will be added when they are open: 

  • Burnley General Hospital 

  • Fleetwood Same Day Health Centre 

  • Heysham Primary Care Centre 

  • Crossland Day Hospital, Furness General Hospital, Barrow 

Community diagnostic centres are a partnership between the NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB and the hospitals trust for each area.

Rossendale Primary Health Care Centre

This community diagnostic centre already offers:  

  • MRI (scans that use strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the body)  

  • Non-obstetric ultrasound (scans that use high-frequency sound waves to create an image of part of the inside of the body) and X-ray 

Heart (cardiology), lung (respiratory), blood (phlebotomy) tests will be added from spring 2023. CT (scans that use X-rays and a computer to create detailed images of the inside of the body) will be added in by 2025.  

Preston Healthport

This community diagnostic centre offers MRI, CT, blood tests and ultrasound scans.  

Later this year, cardiology and respiratory, X-ray and DEXA (bone density) scans will be added. 

Whitegate Drive Health Centre

Whitegate Drive Health Centre CDC currently offers MRI, X-ray and ultrasound tests.   

Cardiology, respiratory and phlebotomy tests will be available from July 2023. CT scans will be available from October 2023 (pending commissioning of a new scanner). 

Westmorland General Hospital

Building work is underway to make space at Westmorland General Hospital to carry out cardiology, respiratory and phlebotomy tests. These tests will be available from September 2023.  

If you are referred to a community diagnostic centre for a test 

You will need to be referred for an appointment at a community diagnostic centre by your GP, or in some cases your hospital clinician may suggest attending one for further tests.  

If you are referred for a test or scan it is really important that you attend so that you can get any treatment, if you need it, as soon as possible.  

If you can’t attend, please get in touch with the service that offered you the appointment to let them know as soon as possible. They can schedule another if you still need it and offer your original appointment to another patient.  

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